A Barrilito Old Fashioned
is the only one in the world made with a rum crafted in the same way since 1880.

Only one Barrilito Old Fashioned in the world is made with a rum made in the same way since 1880:

  • Aged 6-10 years in Oloroso sherry casks
  • The only water we use is naturally harvested from the rain
  • We never use caramel coloring or any artificial additives

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that stock Ron del Barrilito and know how to make a great Barrilito Old Fashioned.

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Don’t feel like going out today?
Make a Barrilito Old Fashioned at home.


Ron del Barrilito Old Fashioned


2 oz Ron del Barrilito Three Stars
.5 oz Brown sugar simple syrup
3 dashes Chocolate bitters
3 dashes Orange bitters
Orange Garnish




Pour Ron del Barrilito into a mixing glass. Add bitters and simple syrup. Add ice to the mixing glass and stir ingredients with a bar spoon. Strain mix into a rock glass with clear ice. Add garnish.

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Or try one prepared by one of our world-class bartenders in Bar del Barrilito.