Here at Ron del Barrilito, we’re founded on several fundamental aspects. Many of you will know our key pillars— family, tradition, and heritage. Yet do you know another major cornerstone of our work? The answer is sustainability. Read below to get a glimpse into our brand-wide sustainability practices.


Harvesting Rainwater

At our Hacienda Santa Ana we collect the rainwater that falls across the property and use it in the production of our award-winning rum. The rainwater flows into pre-seed tanks that filter out any matter or particles, ensuring that the water is safe to use. After this, the rainwater is stored in a cement tank until it is needed. This tank holds up to 43,000 gallons of rainwater! Lastly, we use a pump outlet, sand filter, carbon filter, and finally a 5.0-micron lenticular filter to clear out any impurities. And just like this Puerto Rican rainwater is ready to be used to make Puerto Rico’s oldest rum.


Cultivating Fruit Trees

In addition to harvesting rainwater, we also put the fruit trees on our property to good use. Our staff maintains these trees throughout the year and harvest them together when the fruit is ripe. We look at our team as a family and with so many of us being from the local area we wanted to give back to our community in as many ways as possible. Thus we collect and donate all the fruit to local shelters and charitable organizations in the area.


Going Back to Cork

We are proud of our heritage and aim to change very little about our production or product. Why would we change something so great? There is one thing we have changed recently, and we think you will agree that it is for the best! Ron del Barrilito was initially bottled with cork tops and at some point this changed to a plastic twist-off cap. Recently we decided that we needed to bring back the cork tops and we are so glad that we made that decision. Not only does this make the experience of drinking Ron del Barrilito more enjoyable, but sustainable cork production is also so much better for the environment than the production of plastic bottle caps. Pick up one of our newer bottles to understand the difference yourself!